Best Heart Specialist in Gurgaon – Dr. Monik Mehta

City Gurgaon
State Haryana
Country India

Dr. (Col) Monik Mehta (Heart Specialist ) is a well-known and reputed cardiologist. He holds extensive experience in dealing with complications in various cases of cardiology, which includes Angioplasties, Heart defect closures, Paediatric Catheterizations, and interventions. Pacemaker implantation, ICD, and Heart Failure Devices such as cardiac resynchronization devices with a particular interest in Radial Artery access interventions. Owing to these specializations and his successful track record, he is one of the best heart specialists in Gurgaon and India.

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24*7 Helpline No. +91-9873214382
Email: [email protected]

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